German folklore

The Child’s Shroud

A mother's incessant weeping for her lost child awakens its ghost.

The Bird of Paradise

A world-weary monk pauses for a moment to listen to a beautiful bird sing, but when he walks on, he finds that a hundred years have passed.

The Emperor’s Wooing

Guda's beloved goes missing after a civil war and she refuses to believe he is dead.

The Robber Bridegroom

A miller's daughter is betrothed to a relative strange with a very dark secret. Will she survive?

Godfather Death

When a thirteenth child is born to a poor family, the father makes Death the little boy's godfather.

The Singing Bone

When the King offers his daughter's hand to the one who kills a wild boar ravaging the land, a villain kills the true hero and claims the girl for himself.

King Maximilian and the Geese

When King Maximilian drops his book, he asks a boy tending a flock of geese to find it. But who will keep the geese in order until he returns?

The Water of Life

A young prince sets out to find the Water of Life to save his father from a grave illness.


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The Spooky Series by S.E. Schlosser


The Spectre Bride

The Spectre Bride

The Burglar’s Ghost

The Phantom Woman

Pegasus and the Chimaera

Pegasus and the Chimaera