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The Fox and the Crow

A Crow was sitting on a branch of a tree with a piece of cheese in her beak when a Fox observed her and set his wits to work to discover some way of getting the cheese.

The crow drops the cheese
The crow drops the cheese

Coming and standing under the tree he looked up and said, “What a noble bird I see above me! Her beauty is without equal, the hue of her plumage exquisite.”

Crow tilted her head this way and that way, trying to get a good look at the Fox. He was obviously very intelligent creature, since he so quickly perceived her beauty.

“If only her voice is as sweet as her looks are fair, she ought without doubt to be Queen of the Birds,” the sly Fox continued.

The Queen of Birds! The Crow was hugely flattered by this notion. To show the Fox that she could sing, she opened her mouth and gave a loud caw.

Down fell the cheese, of course, and the Fox quickly snatched it up.

“Thank you for the cheese, Madam Crow,” said the Fox. “You have a voice, I see. But what you lack are wits.”

Citation: Aesop, au. Jones, V.S. Vernon, ed. Aesop’s Fables: A New Translation. New York: Avenel Books, 1912.This story is in the public domain and is part of the cited work

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